Friday, February 22, 2013

These are a few of my (random) Favorite Things

So here in Philly, the girls are SO great about getting together often and socializing! Each month, someone is in charge of what we call "Girls Night." My friend Allyson and I took the month of February & we decided to throw a "Favorite Things" party. It was so much fun!

Each girl brought their favorite snack/treat to share with everyone. ( There was a table full of goodies that everyone brought.) I naturally popped some popcorn & brought a big bowl of that. :)

It was optional to bring your "Favorite Thing" to give away. The rule was it needed to be a non-food item between $5-7. I loved the things the girls came up with! When everyone walked in, they wrote their name on a piece of paper and put it in a basket. After they shared their favorite thing with everyone, they drew a name, and that person got to take that item home!

Seriously, SO fun. I recommend this to everyone! I wish I would have taken pictures! Some examples of some things the girls brought were: their favorite mascara, cleaning supplies, nail polish, lotion, gift card, jewelry, hair pieces, etc...

This made me want to blog about a few of MY favorite things to share with you! These are totally off the top of my head and super random. I hope you'll see a thing or two that peaks your interest and check them out! ( Whoever reads this blog. Thank you for reading, by the way!) { Next post: Favorite BABY items & Favorite FOOD items}

Last night, I brought GLITTER as my favorite thing. Seriously, every girl should have some glitter in their lives. I found lots of metallic colors in little tubes at Target. I also brought decorative twine. THE BEST when wrapping a gift or to use for creative purposes. My favorite glitter brand is Martha Stewart. You can find her stuff at Michaels.

The.BEST.Lotion.... ever. 
It's so moisturizing and it smells divine.
It's a bit pricy. My mom got it for me a while back. It's worth ever penny though. 

If you need a good brow pencil.. THIS is it. 
I have LOVED it. 
I'm so bummed because I ran out! It lasted about 4 months.
It stays on all day long and it's so easy to apply. 

I have really loved this lip gloss. ( I wear the "hot pink"). 
It's very glossy. and stays on a while! 
I got it at Target. 

This mascara has been SO great. 
I makes my lashes full & vibrant. haha. 
Some mascara's irritate my eyes, but this hasn't bothered me at all.
I wear "very black"

I have LOVED this blush! 
I wear the "tender rose" color. 
It has lasted me FOREVER! At least 9 months now. 

I usually go with a "nude" lip... or just plain lip gloss. 
I have absolutely loved this stuff. 
It feels like hardly anything is on your lips, yet makes them feel smooth and fresh at the same time. :) 

Hands down, my all time favorite candle. 
It smells heavenly and lasts forever!

This candle comes in a close second! 
Have you ever wanted to eat a candle before? Well, I want to eat this one. 
MMM. I LOVE it. 

I use it ALL the time & it's SO much better than boiling your veggies. 
They taste way better steamed and you'll have more nutrients this way too. 

I have had this for YEARS and we have loved it! 
Nick especially loves to put sugar on his cereal in the morning.

Especially this nude color. 

Gold Glitter Flats by Soda
Hands down, my favorite flats. 
I've already gone through 2 pairs of them. 
I wear them with everything. 

I have LOVED these jars. I have 4 of them. 
I keep rice, noodles, flour, and sugar in them. 

My all time favorite book... as a child and even now. 
Such a great read! 

from the 70. 
This book is probably one of the most inspiring books I've ever read. 
True stories from a young boy growing up in Germany during WWII.
I introduced it to my dad and family.. they all read it too.. and it's now one of their favorites. 

I have LOVED this thing.
It cuts like a charm. 
(do charms cut?)

Crayola Markers
my best friend since 1989. 

A good supply of ribbon & twine.
You never know when you could use it! 
I LOVE me some good ribbon.
( If you live in Utah, a good place to get ribbon is Thai Pan and Thanksgiving point!) 

Well, folks, my child is screaming at the top of her lungs, so that's my cue to end this... but I hope you enjoyed my list of random favorite things! Stay tuned for a Baby: Favorite things & a Food: Favorite things soon!

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