Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Valentines

My sweet daughter got invited to her first Valentine Party Swap last week. 
Even though she's only 15 months old, she had a lot of fun socializing with the other babies & well, I had fun making her bag and valentines! 

Valentine Bag: 
Her valentine bag was kind of a last minute thing. Luckily, I keep lots of paper and glitter handy just for occasions like this. (1) I grabbed an 'ol brown bag out of our closet ( because that's where I keep our birthday bags.) (2) I then grabbed some pink and sheer ribbon to tie on one side of the handle of the bag. (3) I then cut out a large heart from an old book. ( I got this book at a thrift store for the purpose of ripping out the pages to use for my crafts. Is that bad of me? I love books! I promise. This book seemed dull and boring anyway, so I'm putting it to good use!) (4) Then I cut out a smaller heart out of glitter paper. I then cut out a little rose ( that's also off of a ribbon my sister gave me... I love it.) (5) Then I cut out a little flag and wrote her name. Everything you see below is taped on... just because I needed to use that brown bag for a valentine gift I gave my husband. :) This bag literally took me 5 minutes. Awesome. 

Most of the kiddos at this party were 3 years old and under, so I wanted to be creative with these little valentines. I decided to go to the dollar store and pick up some play dough. Each package came with 4 containers of play dough. I needed 20, so I only spent $5. 

I got on pinterest and found some cute "labels" to put on the top of my play dough containers. You can find these freebie labels HERE
I then got plain white card stock ( or printer paper) and cut out squares for the front of the containers. I covered up the ugly label from the dollar store and drew hearts with Elmer's glue & covered them with gold glitter. 
I wrote: " You make me feel squishy inside" love, Madeline. 


ps- I'm telling you: glitter is a girls best friend. Go getchya some if you don't have any. ( My favorite glitter is the Martha Stewart brand found at Michaels Craft.) 

also, click HERE if you want to see another VALENTINE I made for some girls I visit teach. 

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