Thursday, April 11, 2013

So, what's this blog all about anyway?

I created this blog to share my photography, recipes that I've made & loved, creations I'm working on, party & decor ideas, quotes, short stories to lift you up, etc. It's a whole gallery of goodness!

I share these inspirational thoughts, quotes, and stories mainly because they touch my heart & I thought it would touch yours as well. In no way am I implying that I have already mastered this journey called "life"... I am simply sharing with you what I believe & know to be true. I have so many imperfections and I'm thankful for good books, good media, and good friends to make me want to be a better person.

image by Greg Olsen

This blog is for ME. I need all the goodness I can get. If you feel like you could use more goodness in your life too, I personally invite you to stay awhile. Come back to this blog and visit often!

If you have an inspirational story you'd like to share on this blog, please e-mail me at heathercoslett at gmail dot com. You never know whos's life you could change or inspire!

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