Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Talk on Sunday

I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. My topic was: Love thy neighbor as Thyself. It was a huge blessing to study this topic all week & to feel the perfect love the Savior has for ME even though I mess up daily. He is so merciful. HE is the perfect example of love, forgiveness, and compassion. I want to be MORE like Him. The first and greatest commandment is to "love the Lord they God with all thy heart" and the second is like unto it. " Love thy neighbor as thyself." Through prayer & the help of the Savior... we can develop a deep love for those around us & love them just as our Heavenly Father does. What an absolute blessing. We need MORE love and less hate in this world. Here are a few stories I shared with the congregation on Sunday. ( and I'm sorry to those of you who had to listen to me through my tears.. I was not planning on crying!)

Judge Not.


 We can also develop a deep love for others by serving them:


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