Thursday, February 28, 2013

Favorite BABY things

It's so weird how my little girl is only 15 months old and it feels like FOREVER ago when she first entered this world. I am literally sitting here trying to remember all the things I loved for her when she was a newborn. I am drawing mostly blanks. I should have written this stuff down! 


I DO remember a few things that I really, really loved and will never forget about. 
These are things I've used even until now... 
Let me know what some of YOUR favorite baby things are! 

I have LOVED this diaper bag. I used it for an entire year. It may be HUGE, but that's what I love about it. Everything was always easily accessible and I didn't have to worry about shoving things in there or trying to dig around to find something else. Such a great, durable bag! Worth every cent. 

I LOVE this stuff. NO other diaper cream comes close to this stuff.... and this isn't even meant for diaper rashes. But guess what? It HEALS it with in hours. Really. Try it yourself. It's been a huge life savor. It's also great for any other skin treatments even if it's not for your baby. 

My little one has loved books since day one. 
Her absolute favorite book is "Brown Bear" by Eric Carle. She loves the repetition and illustrations! 
I highly suggest getting your baby lots of board books... preferably by Eric Carle or other authors that have rhyme and repetition in their books & colorful illustrations. ( This might be a whole other blog post!) 

Madeline has slept with this for almost a year... and it is AWESOME. 
It's breathable fabric, so I have never been worried if the blanket was covering her face while sleeping or whatever. It's light and soft and so comfortable! She LOVES it and so do I! 

I know every baby is different, but my little girl has really loved these pacifiers. 

We've used this since day one. It smells so heavenly and it's so soothing and she loves it. 
Target also has an up & up brand which is also great and cheaper! 

If you don't have a solly wrap, getchyourself one! 
Seriously. I love mine! There are SO many adorable fabrics to choose from. 
Ellen is awesome and she really puts so much love & care into this business. 
Check out her website ( click link above) to read more about The Wrap and why it's SO awesome! 
It's better and different than other baby wraps. 

My ABSOLUTE favorite swaddling blankets. 
Nothing compares. They're stretchy and light and amazing. 
They are pricy... but WORTH IT. 

I love me some baby gap. 
I LOVE the material they use for their baby clothes... plus the clothes are to-die-for adorable. 

In addition to these favorite things... I urge you to head on over to my friend Michelle's YouTube channel. She has SO many wonderful, amazing ideas and tips for mothers! She has 2 babies herself and it such a cute, stylish mom! We could all learn a lot from her! Seriously.. go to her channel and subscribe! You won't regret it! 

click here to subscribe: 

here's one of her awesome videos!

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