Saturday, April 2, 2011

What I believe

Come hear a living Prophet of God ( President Thomas S. Monson) Speak to the
 WORLD today and tomorrow. 

I always look forward to general conference. If you are having a rough last few months, if you are looking for direction & peace in your life, if you're just wanting to feel comforted and uplifted... join us watching General Conference from your own living room today & tomorrow.

I know that these men and women who will speak to us this weekend are men and women of our Heavenly Father. The things they will speak to us about are inspired of God. I promise you, no matter what religion you are, that if you come, listen to General Conference with an open heart and mind, you will feel that the things these men & women speak about are true. And if you don't believe, just listen. You will walk away feeling refreshed and ready to start anew. :)

Times for General Conference:

Saturday Morning Session:
 10:00 am - Noon (Mountain Time) ~ so in Texas, it will start @ 11:00 and California: 9:00 am. etc.

Saturday Afternoon Session: 
2:00 - 4: 00 pm ( Mountain Time)

Sunday Morning Session: 
10:00 am- Noon ( Mountain Time)

Sunday Afternoon Session: 
2:00 - 4:00 pm (Mountain Time)

You can watch it LIVE online HERE  or you can watch it on TV by searching your TV guide.

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More questions? Go HERE to find out more or send me a message! 

Happy General Conference weekend everyone! 

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