Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It passes all my understanding

One of my favorite things to do is to be outside. I love reading a book by the stream in the canyon in the summer time. I love hearing the birds chirping and the wind in the trees.

When I take a moment or an hour to escape the craziness of the world.... I stop and recognize the beauties of the earth. I am in complete awe when I really think about the majestic mountains and how they were formed. I am in amazement when I think about the different plants and flowers and the uniqueness and beauty they bring to this earth.

Beautiful sunsets, electric storms, and heavenly rainbows are all things that help me recognize my Heavenly Father and His hand in creating this beautiful place we call home.

I hope we each can take a moment out of our busy days to recognize the beauties of the earth. He created them for YOU and ME to enjoy. To me... His creations testify of His divinity, His love for each of us, and that He lives. I promise if you stop to enjoy the little things.... you will FEEL of His personal love for YOU.

The GREATEST of His creations is YOU. You are His child and He loves you.

Watch this beautiful clip and one of my favorite songs:

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