Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Martha Stewart Contest

This might be biased but my sister's dog, Zoe, is the best dog in the entire world! She's so smart, so sweet, so playful and so cuddly. She's an Australian Shepherd and brings joy to anyone who comes in her path. She loves everyone!

Recently, my sister, Ashley, submitted Zoe's picture on the Martha Stewart website. She had a contest for people to send in their pictures of their pups playing. Ashley decided to enter the contest and send in this random, fun picture that I took of Zoe a few months ago.

Ashley just found out that Zoe's picture made it to the TOP 30! ( out of 600 pictures.) She'll find out soon who the winner is! The winner receives a years worth of dog food ( or something like that.) For some poor newlyweds, like my sister and her hubby, that's golden!

It also helps that Zoe is such a beautiful puppy! Can you tell I love her? Good luck to Zoe! I hope she wins!

You can check the link to Martha Stewart's contest and zoe's picture HERE.

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